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Canister / External Filters

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Canister / External Filters
External Filtration Tailored to Your Aquarium and Budget Not all canister filters are built the same. Some are basic designs with three media trays, while others are more complex with five stages of filtration including add-on features like UV sterilization. One aspect that's true of all canister filters is that they hold more media than internal filters and are great for larger tanks or tanks with a lot "messy" creatures. truAqua will always give you a wide selection of these popular filters at the best prices guaranteed! We'll also give you great customer support on canister filters and all the aquatic supplies we offer.
How Do I know if I Need a Canister Filter? Choosing the right filtration method for your aquarium will depend on many factors such as tank size, type of fish, and how much time you're willing to spend cleaning and maintaining your filter. While canister filters can hold more media than internal or hang-on back type of filters, setting up and cleaning a canister filter is more involved than drop-in or hang-on filters. Keep in mind that when installing your new canister filter you may come face to face with hoses, valves, pumps, etc. It's not hard but if you subscribe to the "easier the better" philosophy, you may want to check out our selection of internal power filters.
Easy to Order Filtration Media Canister filters are capable of Mechanical Filtration, Biological Filtration, and Chemical Filtration. This includes a combination of filter pads, sponges, ceramic rings, bio balls and activated carbon. The filtration media will need to be changed regularly for your canister filter to function at its best. truaAqua has all your replacement media at factory-direct pricing and super fast shipping.
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