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Red Devil Hang-On Canister Filter RD-30G

Red Devil Hang-On Canister Filter RD-30G
Product code: RD-30G
Original Price: $49.99
Our Price: $24.99
You Save: $25.00 (50%)
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Features and Specifications:
The AquaTop Red Devil Series of Hang-on Canister Filters are compact, quiet and energy efficient. The RD-30G has a maximum flow rate of 135 GPH and adjustable valves allowing you to customize the flow rate of your particular setup. Each unit efficiently filters fresh and saltwater aquariums up to 30 gallons and comes with a multi-stage filtration system equipped with 4 filtration media trays. All the necessary filtration media is included to help keep a healthy aquarium. Fine Filter Pads and a Dense Filter Sponge collect organics into a central location for easy removal, providing excellent Mechanical Filtration, while Activated Carbon provides Chemical Filtration to keep aquarium water crystal clear and free from odor. The included Ceramic Rings help maximize Biological Filtration and offer a porous structure for beneficial bacteria to grow and help maintain safe living conditions for your aquatic creatures to thrive. For twice the amount of filtration the RD-30G is expandable with the optional RD-Pre Hang-on Filter, allowing double the filtration capacity.
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Questions and Answers:
Product Reviews:
Red Devil Hang-On Canister Filter RD-30G
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Very Clever Design & Well Built!
June 3, 2014
After getting back into the aquarium hobby nearly 5 years ago, after a 22 year hiatus, I have built up a nice aquatic room which holds several planted aquaria. Having a number of tanks, I have also been careful to purchase a number of backup components for these aquariums, including spare filters, heaters, lighting systems and bulbs. About two years ago I'd decided that I had enough of having to clean the algae off my plants every week and to spend an hour scraping the algae off the sides of my aquariums, only to have to do the same tedious routine again the following week. So I purchased some AquaTop HOB UV sterilizers, and I have been a fan of this company ever since. AquaTop manufactures a very good quality product at a more than reasonable price, while also offering some clever design features that are not found anywhere else in the aquatic retail market. The RD-30G and its companion RD-Pre filters are an example of this. The RD-30 is a well made HOB/Canister filter that is rated for up to 30 gallon aquariums. Add the RD-Pre filter and the capacity doubles to 60 gallons. One of the nicest features of this neat little filtration system is that it has a very small footprint. The RD-30G also has a very stylish aesthetic with its nice black and red molded plastic. I am surprised to see that no one has left any commentary on this particular filter. Perhaps that is because they may have felt that the RD-30 was a bit of an odd ball design and perhaps not up to the job of filtering their aquarium properly. If this is the case, then it's unfortunate, because the RD-30 (especially with its RD-Pre companion) is a great little filter, that looks especially nice on rimless tanks. The RD-30G also has an adjustable attachment which enables the filter hang off the back of many different widths of glass. In this fish-keeper's opinion, the RD-30G and RD-Pre were a very good value at their respective $49.99 and $29.99 prices. At the discounted price that they are presently selling for at, they represent one the best bargains to be had in aquarium filters. For $34.99 you get a lot more than what you are paying for. Specifically, a quality constructed filtration system that is capable of filtering of 60 gallon of aquarium. What a bargain! In fact, I am so pleased with my RD-30G and its RD-Pre that I just purchased a second one of each. Highly recommended!
None that I can think of.
The water must be filled to very top of each canister housing or the RD-30G will not prime properly. Fill each canister to the rim with water and the RD-30G primes quickly and works quietly and effortlessly at filtering your aquarium.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.