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Power Filters (HOB)

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Power Filters (HOB)
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Power Filters (HOB)
Space-saving, Budget-friendly Hang-on Back Filters Hang-on Back (HOB) or Waterfall filters are one of the most popular types of aquarium filtration devices due to their versatility and ease of use. At truAqua, we'll always give you the biggest variety of HOB filters for tanks as small as 5 gallons to larger capacity applications up to 260 gallons. With regular HOB and advanced UV sterilizer HOB filters (also known as power filters), we have a hang-on back unit to fit just about any aquarium setup.
The Only Place You'll Find HOB Filters with UV! We believe in bringing innovative products to market. TruAqua is the only place you'll find the AQUATOP PF-UV Series—the industry's first hang-on filters with integrated with UV. With models to fit both small and large fresh and saltwater tanks, the PF-UV series of Hang on Back filters helps eliminate unwanted algae blooms, keeping aquarium water crystal clear. Other features you won’t find on filters in this price range include a self-adjusting surface skimmer for cleaning the surface of the water and to promote gas exchange, as well as replaceable filter pads enhanced with Bamboo Carbon. For an all-in-one filtration solution for saltwater tanks, check out the PSE1 hybrid HOB filter equipped with Protein Skimmer, a 7-watt UV Sterilizer and a third compartment dedicated to the filtration media of your choice.
Ready to Go Right out of the Box! In addition to the lowest prices and wide selection, our hang-on back filters require no additional parts or extra plumbing. All units come equipped with filtration media so you can install your new filter as soon as it arrives.
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