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Aquarium Internal Filters

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Internal Filters
Aquarium Internal Filters
Internal Filtration at Rock Bottom Prices!
From classic air-driven corner filters to sophisticated 3-D and jet stream designs, truAQUA carries the perfect aquarium filter for all types of fresh and saltwater tanks. Because we are factory direct, customers get the lowest price possible on our internal filters and all of them offer easy installation, quiet operation and energy savings!

Why Use an Internal Filter?
Aquarium filters work hard to keep tank water clear and are an essential part of a healthy system. Internal filters help remove all kinds of undesirable substances such as excess fish food, fish waste and free-floating debris. Filters can be both internal and external; internal filters are fully submersible and can fit just about anywhere in your aquarium where a canister filter would be externally located. Internal filters are easy to install and typically require no additional plumbing. truAQUA also carries customizable filters, such as the IFE and IFS Series, which allow you to choose your own type of media.

Spray Bars and Surface Skimmers
Many of our filters include a spray bar for a wider range of output. A spray bar promotes oxygenation, keeps water clean and allows you to choose where you want the water to exit the filter. The IFE Series includes a self-adjusting surface skimmer that helps keep the surface of the water clean, reducing those unsightly oils that collect on the surface of the water.

Durable and Easy to Clean Filters
All of our internal filters have durable, long-lasting, easy-to-clean filter sponges that trap debris for easy removal. Plus, the majority of truAQUA internal filters come pre-loaded with AQUATOP premium activated carbon.
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