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Nano Type-R2 Led Light for Saltwater/Reef Tanks

Nano Type-R2 Led Light for Saltwater/Reef Tanks
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Features and Specifications:
Nano Type-R2 Led Light for Saltwater/Reef Tanks

The 2nd Generation of the Parology Series is here! Each specially engineered LED lighting system mimics the shimmer of Natural Sunlight, produces minimal heat, includes a fan-less design for pin drop silence and emits photosynthetic support for a variety of aquatic organisms. The 2nd Gen Nano Type-R2 and Type-P2 include dimmable lighting via an integrated touch interface, and a slim remote control which unlocks special lightning and moving clouds features. The Nano Type2 Series is ideal for supporting low to medium light-loving photosynthetic life. Nano Type-R2 is geared for marine organisms such as Mushrooms, Zoanthids and Soft Coral. Nano Type-P2 is ideal for freshwater plants such as Anubias, Crypts, Mosses and most Stemming Plants.
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Questions and Answers:
By Matt from Florida on November 10, 2012
Will this fit on a Fluval Edge 12 gallon and be enough light to keep coral?
By Customer Service on November 13, 2012

Hello Matt,
The Nano Type-R LED aquarium light for reef systems would be a great choice for keeping low light corals such as mushrooms, Zoanthids and soft corals. The tank, however, may be tricky to mount the light, as the top is completely covered. The Nano Type-R is designed to clamp onto the rim of the tank. It may require some improvising on your end.

#587 BW/MA

By Jeff from Huntington Beach, California on December 3, 2012
Will this be enough light for a 30 gallon rimless nano cube?
By Customer Service on December 5, 2012

Hello Jeff,
The Nano Type-R LED aquarium light will have enough luminosity to light up the tank. However, if you have a reef tank with soft corrals, you might consider purchasing two so that you have a higher PAR value that will penetrate further into the water and offer more usable photosynthetic light.

By clyde from baton rouge, la on December 12, 2012
What are the dimensions of the fixture?
By Customer Service on December 14, 2012

The light platform on our Nano Type-R LED Light measures at 7 wide x 6 deep x 0.5 thick. The bracket will raise the light 4 inches above the rim of the tank.

Thank you!
#631 BW/MA

By Tee from NYC on December 27, 2012
I have a 150 with a 6 ft metal halide. Would three work?
By Customer Service on January 4, 2013

Hi Tee,
The Nano Type-R aquarium light was not designed for a 150-gallon tank, nd even with three of them you will most likely not have ample lighting. We suggest our SLR series of lights that produce higher lumens and cover more area:
The SLR series is targeted towards reef keepers and uses much less energy and gives off much less heat than a 6ft metal halide. Depending on the dimensions of your tank, you may want to consider running two SLR-24 lights across the top. Two of these lights will provide excellent lighting and will have a PAR value that will support low-medium light loving corals, mushrooms, and Zoanthids.

#654 BW/MA

By Steve from Dallas, TX on January 7, 2013
Will this work on the ZN-5G Black/White?
By Customer Service on January 9, 2013

Hello Steve,
The Aquatop Nano type-R aquarium light will work exceptionally well on our ZN-5G. Great choice!

By Naten from New hampshire on January 18, 2013
Does this light have moon light? Or can you swith from all of the to just blues?
By Customer Service on January 18, 2013

Hello Naten,
The Nano Type-R does not come with a blue-light only mode. When the light is powered on, it will emit both blue and white light.
Thank you,
#703 BW/MA

By Imareerfer from NH on January 28, 2013
Can i use this light on your high clarity 11 gallon cube, and successfully keep zoo's and anemones?
By Customer Service on January 31, 2013

Hello Imareerfer,
Yes, out Nano-Type-R light can be used with our 11-gallon high clarity aquarium and will look stunning! This light supports soft corals and Zoanthids. As for anemones, its effectiveness will depend on the anemone and other variables.

Thank you,
#724 BW/MA

Product Reviews:
Nano Type-R2 Led Light for Saltwater/Reef Tanks
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Worth it for a Nano Tank
November 29, 2013
Very easy to put together, and very sleek. It's also a lot brighter than I expected.
Very thin, great price, and bright
A built in moonlight option would have made it even better, but other than that, none.

Delavan, WI
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.