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AquaTop Sumbersible Pond Pump SFP65 - 1190 GPH, 75 W

AquaTop Sumbersible Pond Pump SFP65 - 1190 GPH, 75 W
Product code: SFP-65
Original Price: $199.99
Our Price: $39.97
You Save: $160.02 (80%)
Features and Specifications:
SFP-65 Submersible Pond Pump
The SFP-65 is a magnetic-drive water pump designed to run continuously without seals wearing out. Ideal for powering everything from a pond filter to a waterfall system, the SFP-65 is a non-oil lubricated pump that can be used with AquaTop’s PFS200-UV or PFS300-UV pressurized filters. Suitable for both fresh and saltwater, the SFP-65 was designed with the pond keeper in mind and allows for complete customization. The SFP-65 can also be converted into a fountain pump (fountain heads not included) when not used as a pond pump. The bearing and the axis are made of ceramic material that guards against abrasion and erosion and helps to prevent the SFP-65 from seizing. The special centrifugal impeller design combined with high flow output make the SFP-65 one of the most energy efficient submersible pumps on the market.

High Performing Pond Pump
Energy Efficient Design
Large Anti-Clog Filter Basket
Low Heat Transference
Ready to Install and Use
Compatible with PFS200-UV & PFS300-UV

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AquaTop Sumbersible Pond Pump SFP65 - 1190 GPH, 75 W
Questions and Answers:
By Fish Geek from LA, CA on May 17, 2012
I just purchased the PFS Pond Filter that includes this pump.

The inlet of the pump has a plastic blank held in place by a screwed cap.
Does the plastic blank need to be removed for the pump to operate?


By Customer Service on May 18, 2012

Hello Fish Geek,

The "cap" found near the inlet of the SFP-65 does not need to be removed in order for the pump to function.

If you are interested in running the SFP-65 inline with another unit, that will be the point of connection and the cap would need to be removed.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

By sarahanne from indiana on January 25, 2013
Can this pump be run inline? by that i mean; a hose attached to the inlet and a hose attached to the outlet and only the hoses submerged in water.
By Customer Service on January 31, 2013

Hello Sarahanne,
The SFP-65 and all of our dedicated submersible pond pumps only have an outlet for water. The water passes over a prefilter in most cases and then passes by the impeller where the water is expelled usually into a canister filter via an output line.

Thank you,
#716 BW/MA

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AquaTop Sumbersible Pond Pump SFP65 - 1190 GPH, 75 W