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IFE10 Internal Filter w/ Spray Bar

IFE10 Internal Filter w/ Spray Bar
Product code: IFE-10
Original Price: $41.99
Our Price: $20.99
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Features and Specifications:
AQUATOP IFE-10 Internal Filter w/ Spray Bar
AQUATOP’s IFE Series of internal filters is a great space-saving and flexible method of filtration. These quiet and efficient filtration devices come equipped with the optional spray bar attachment for wider range output or use the traditional one-way spray for stronger concentrated water flow. Each filter uses a dense sponge for maximum mechanical filtration.

The IFE Series allows for multiple water return options. The Spray Bar feature is adjustable to control water flow and swivels left to right. When the Spray Bar is removed and capped the Water Curtain feature becomes available for use. The larger models of the IFE Series offer water return from the bottom of the unit as well. The Bottom Return feature of the IFE (20 and 30) is a true innovation keeping organics suspended and out of cracks and crevices.

The IFE Series filter draws water into the filter from all directions due to the cylindrical-shaped intake. This innovation helps to create an over-all current keeping organics suspended for the filter to pick up. The larger models of the IFE Series have an included, self-adjusting surface skimmer which promotes gas exchange, removes surface scum, and aids in keeping a stable pH.

The IFE Series uses a bottom-mounted pump to move water thru and past multiple filtration compartments. Multiple filtration compartments allow for complete customization of filtration media. All models of the IFE Series come with AquaTop Filter Sponges and AquaTop’s Activated Carbon. Biological Filtration can be achieved when using AquaTop’s ceramic rings.

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IFE10 Internal Filter w/ Spray Bar
Questions and Answers:
By John Sem from British Columbia, Vancouver on May 13, 2012
What is the dimension of this product?
By Customer Service on May 16, 2012

Hello John,

We have received your recent product inquiry regarding the IFE-10 internal filter. The unit is 9" tall and has a diameter of approximately 3". When the Spray Bar is a attached the unit is 10.5" tall.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Product Reviews:
IFE10 Internal Filter w/ Spray Bar
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
What a great filter!
November 25, 2014
This filter exceeded my expectations! Really powerful water flow & super quiet. Only thing you hear is the spray bar water fall and that's relaxing! This is so much better and less expensive than anything I could of gotten at the big pet stores. Highly recommended!

Wilmington, NC
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.