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2 X Premium Ceramic Rings 500g/each

2 X Premium Ceramic Rings 500g/each
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Features and Specifications:
2 bags of Premium Ceramic Rings - 500g/each

House brand 2x premium ceramic rings. AQUATOP's highly porous ceramic rings provide a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and cultivate, providing you with better filtration. Beneficial bacteria grow and colonize in the pores of the ceramic rings and help eliminate harmful ammonia and nitrite levels in your aquarium water.

  • Biological filtration media that promotes beneficial bacteria growth
  • Improved shape increases internal and external surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive
  • Made of long lasting, highly porous ceramic material
  • Aids in the breakdown and removal of harmful ammonia and nitrite
  • Great for both freshwater & saltwater use.
Questions and Answers:
By David from Rosemead, CA. on February 16, 2012
How often do you change the ceramic rings?
By Customer Service on February 17, 2012

Greetings David,

Good question! Ceramic Rings are a form of biological filtration media for the propagation of beneficial bacteria which help keep your aquarium water at safe living conditions.

General maintenance of Ceramic Rings includes cleaning and replenishment.

Ceramic Rings should be cleaned when they become laden with debris and organics. They should be removed from their filtration compartment and rinsed with aquarium water in a fish safe container. Please note: prolonged exposure to air will compromise the beneficial bacterial colony. Once rinsed return to the filtration compartment immediately.

On average Ceramic Rings should never be replaced, only replenished. After a year or so one may notice that the Ceramic Rings may have become smaller in size. This happens because water breaks the material down with time. If this is the case simply add additional Ceramic Rings to compensate for the loss of surface area.

If there is anything further we may do for you please let us know.

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2 X Premium Ceramic Rings 500g/each