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DeTox CC 600ml Bottle

DeTox CC 600ml Bottle
Product code: DTCC600ML
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Features and Specifications:
DeTox CC Dechlorination for Aquarium Water
AQUATOP DetoxCC is specially formulated to condition new water from salt and freshwater use. DetoxCC will completely detoxify all Chlorines and Chloramines which may be present in tap water. AquaTop DeTox CC will bind heavy metals found in tap water and will remove up to 1.3 ppm (mg/L) of Ammonia, 2.2 ppm of Nitrite, and 14 ppm of Nitrate in each standard dose. Detox CC is safe for use in fish only, freshwater planted, live rock and coral reef aquarium systems. DeTox CC will not impact the performance of biological filtration nor will it adversely affect general pH levels.
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DeTox CC 600ml Bottle
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DeTox CC 600ml Bottle