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In-Line UV Sterilizer 10W - IL10UV

In-Line UV Sterilizer 10W - IL10UV
Product code: IL10-UV
Original Price: $99.99
Our Price: $59.99
Sold in single 1 = 1 pc
You Save: $40.00 (40%)
Features and Specifications:
AQUATOP’S In-Line Ultraviolet Sterilizer maximizes UV exposure in a compact, easy-to-install unit. The IL10-UV multifunctional UV sterilizers can be installed in-line or as a hang-on unit. Simply connect to a water pump, power head, or on the return line of a canister filter. The IL-UV Series includes a replaceable UV-C Lamp, barbed fittings and is suitable for both fresh and saltwater use. AQUATOP’S IL-UV Series clarifies and sterilizes aquarium water, providing clear and healthy water so your aquatic creatures to thrive!

In line UV sterilizers are a perfect add on for traditional canister filters. Just plug into the tube and you have the latest UV sterilizer built into your aquarium system. The UV sterilizer will keep your aquarium fish tank water clean and reduce cleaning time.

How Does An In-line Sterilizer Work?

Water traveling through the IL-UV Series is exposed to UV-C light, known as germicidal- grade UV light. The result is clean, crystal clear aquarium water.

Easy to Install!
The ILUV Series can be integrated into virtually any filtration line. Select appropriate size barbed fittings for your return line tube size, and then insert the tube into the fitting. AQUATOP recommends cleaning the quartz sleeve with vinegar and water during every bulb change.
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In-Line UV Sterilizer 10W - IL10UV
Questions and Answers:
By Shawn Upchurch from NY, NY on September 26, 2012
Can the IL10-UV sterilizer be submersed in water? I was thinking of placing it in my sump with a power head and the whole unit would be underwater. Thanks for your time.
By Customer Service on September 26, 2012

Hello Shawn,

We have received your recent product inquiry regarding the use of an IL10-UV in conjunction with a powerhead. We do not recommend the submerging the IL10-UV. We offer a submergible version of this unit call the UV-10 which happens to be outfitted for use with a powerhead. Please check out this webpage.

The link below is an example of what this setup looks like.

The link below is for the 10W version.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.

By Leo from Canada on May 8, 2012
Can i use this with Rena Filstar XP 3?
By Customer Service on May 8, 2012

Hello Leo,

We have received your recent product inquiry regarding the use of AquaTop's IL10-UV in conjunction with a Rena XP3 canister filter. Ideally the IL10-UV should have a maximum flow rate of 210GPH for maximum effectiveness. If the flow rate through the unit is higher than 210GPH the unit will only be effective against free-floating algae. The IL10-UV comes with 3 fittings allowing it to attach to plumbing sizes with IDs of 5/8", 3/4" & 1".

If there is anything further we can do for you please let us know.

By Brian from Maryland on February 17, 2012
If I want to connect the In-Line UV 10W-IL10UV within the return line of a Fluval Filter, does it matter if the In-Line UV 10W-IL0UV is placed horizontal or vertical?
By Customer Service on February 17, 2012

Greetings Brian,

The IL10-UV can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Each unit includes a mounting bracket for easy installation.

If there is anything else we may do for you please let us know.

By wayne from orlando fla on June 8, 2012
is this good size for a 90 gallon tank ?
By Customer Service on June 13, 2012

Hello Wayne,

We have received your recent product inquiry regarding an IL10-UV In-Line UV Sterilizer. You have shared that you would like to add the unit to a 90 gallon aquarium. The 10W unit is suitable for up to approximately 200 gallons of freshwater and approximately 70 gallons for saltwater.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

By Dirk Blanchat from Raliegh, NC on January 20, 2013
I was thinking about putting this in the back return pump line of my Corlife biocube 29. I just need the length of this unit to see if it will be able to fit in the length of the return line which isn't very long
By Customer Service on January 22, 2013

A706. Hello Dirk,
The IL10-UV inline sterilizer measures 12.5 inches without the supplied barbed fittings installed. With the addition of the fittings, the unit measures close to 14 inches after the hose has been seated into the fittings.
Thank you!
#706 BW/MA

Product Reviews:
In-Line UV Sterilizer 10W - IL10UV
4.5 Stars based on 14 Review(s)
Great clarifier for the money
November 5, 2013
I ran into one problem with this item. The 16mm barbs that come with it are not big enough. I tried three different brands of 16mm tubing and they all slide right off even with the nut tightened. Not a big deal I just used the 22mm barbs. I have a planted aquarium and in the process of tweaking my fertilizers got a nasty bout of green water. This cleared it up in an hour or two. Bulbs are affordable through Truaqua. I am impressed with the build quality. Would buy again.
Good design, Small, Affordable, Surprising build quality, works.
Barbs are too small in the 16mm size (not a huge deal. Heat your hose and use the next size up. took 5 minutes to figure out.). Instructions that come with it are worthless.

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great uv kills everything !!!!!
September 1, 2013
I put a ball valve in line with the uv works great my water has never been so clear.

Lowell, ma
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product
July 22, 2013
I just recently got this product and im ver happy for afortable price and good quality product
Price, different size hose hook ups
none jet

Edgar Flores
United States
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

good price
June 9, 2013
Had to replace bulb and found out the electrical plug going into the unit, not the transformer, was bad also, so had to buy a whole new unit. I have had several different kinds and this is a good as any,
can see light on neat and easy to install
very easy to crack glass tube when working on it.

Panama City Beach , Fl
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great UV Sterilization At A Peanuts Price
June 7, 2013
This was the first UV sterilizer I purchased after I switched to injected CO2 in one of my aquariums. The algae blooms were constant and using a Vortex D-1 diatom filter would clear the tank of algae only for it to have grown back a day or two later. I was spending quite a bit of time scraping algae off the walls of my aquarium which would then attach to my plants. Then I'd have to remove my plants from my aquarium, clean them off and then replant them. It had become a vicious cycle. In the past I had considered purchasing an UV sterilizer, however they were expensive as were their replacement bulbs. Then I found the AquaTop IL10UV for under $40 and decided to give it a try. I plumbed it into the return hose on my Fluval and for the first time I no longer had an algae bloom every other day. The IL10UV works extremely well as a uv clarifier and when the water flow is reduced to say 100 gallons per hour or so, it actually works well as a UV sterilizer with germicidal benefits. I like the IL10UV so much that I have since purchased four AquaTop hob/uv sterilizers for some of my other planted aquaria - (2) PF15UV's (1) PF25UV (1) PF40UV. They all work quite well and I highly recommend these products to any fishkeeper who's experiencing algae blooms in their aquarium.
Does a credible job of keeping an aquarium's water column clear of algae and when used at a lower gallon per hour level - under 100 GPH can actually kill harmful bacteria. Four $40 this is the least expensive 10 watt UV sterilizer on the market. This unit is designed to be plumbed into the output hose of a canister filter and in my opinion works best this way.
I am on my second IL10UV - the ballast in the first unit was damaged after the power in my home went out and came back on abruptly. The second unit has been working fine for several months now. In my experience the IL10UV leaks. I remedied this problem by using silicone on the areas where the washers are installed in this unit, then pressing the washers into place atop the silicone. I also silicone the outside of the unit in both of these areas and thus far it has been working quite well. Remember to use aquarium safe silicone and to let it cure for at least 48 hour before exposing the unit to water.

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

uv sterilizer 10W-IL10UV
May 24, 2013
it was an easy hook up Don't know if this part should be a pro or con. Have it hooked up to a canister filter with a 530 gph flow and I think the uv is heating up the water. Would not run an aquarium heater with a uv setup.

patrick z
north ridgeville
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Product
May 24, 2013
Once put in place aquarium was crystal clear within 3 days. I have a 110 gallon African Cichlid aquarium and it does what it claims to. I would recommend this product to any one.
easy set up.
none so far

Petawawa, Canada
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

not happy with it
March 4, 2013
I purchased the In-Line UV Sterilizer 10W - IL10UV. fisrt I found it had a crack in it, can't get helpwith it leaking. Second when I patched the crack, I find it has an electrical short in it, when I plug it in, it just about electcutes me, Can't get help for this problem eighter.
Best Uses:
60 Gal Cube Reef And Fish

Stockton Ca
4.5 Stars

Worked Wonders!
February 6, 2013
Purchased this product because my 75 gallon aquarium recently came down with a case of green water (pea soup). After installing in on the output line of my cascade canister filter and a week of it working with 10% water changes every day the water is crystal clear! Worked better then I thought it would!
Easy to install, Needs Little Upkeep, Quiet, Effective
Best Uses:
Tropical Fish, Green Water, Large Tanks

Hudson, WI
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

works great
August 22, 2012
easy to set up - self explanatory
Easy To Clean, Effective, Quiet, Durable, Needs Little Upkeep
Best Uses:
Larger Fish

El Cajon
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A satisfied customer
February 24, 2012
This is my first UV Sterilizer and I am satisfied with the results. I bought it because I was dealing with terrible cloudy and green water due to a unbalance ecosystem. I have done many water changes and even used algaecide but it keeps coming back. I hooked this UV product within the line of the external filter and within 2 to 3 days, along with water changes, the water starts to clear. Check out the pictures. The only thing I needed to purchase was some rubber adapters for the filter's line that I had cut for the UV, which I managed. I am pleased with the results.
Durable, Effective, Quiet
Best Uses:
Tropical Fish, Planted tanks

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great sterilizer
September 27, 2011
I would buy this product again, it works very well on my 125 gallon tank.
Needs Little Upkeep, Effective, Easy To Clean, Durable, Easy to install, Quiet
No problems at this time
Best Uses:
Large Tanks

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

very good product
September 24, 2011
Very good product and easy to install
Effective, Easy To Clean, Quiet
Best Uses:
Tropical Fish, Larger Fish, Large Tanks, Small Tanks

St-Jerome, canada
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Easy ordering, fast delivery
September 22, 2011
Bought as a precaution, so there are no obvious changes to my tank, Seems to work well.
Quiet, Needs Little Upkeep
Best Uses:
Tropical Fish

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.