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IPF-305 Internal Power Filter

IPF-305 Internal Power Filter
Product code: IPF-305
Original Price: $25.99
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Features and Specifications:
AquaTop IPF-305 Internal Power Filter
The AQUATOP IPF-305 internal power filters are perfect for Nano to medium sized aquariums, small ponds, and water gardens. Capable of filtering 130 to 315 gallons per hour, the IPF Series of internal power filters offer an adjustable flow rate and are an excellent choice for both freshwater and saltwater applications between 40 gal and 100 gal. Each unit comes equipped with a dense filter sponge good for mechanical and biological filtration as well as suction cups for a vertical mounting system. The small, yet powerful IPF Series offers energy savings and versatile placement, while the compact design and low-noise output makes the IPF Series a one-stop filter for all your aquatic needs.

Adjustable Flow Rate
Powerful Compact Design
No Extra Plumbing Needed
Easy to Install and Maintain
Quiet operation
High Filtration Capacity

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Questions and Answers:
By Joe from Dallas Tx. on January 30, 2013
Connection issues aside, (I have many, many spare parts & tubing) will this pump/filter provide adequate flow for your red devil pre? I own 2 of your pre's & love them but I plan on eliminating one of my ugf's thus eliminating the pre filter for one of my pre's. Your powerheads hook up easily to the red devils by the way, so...thanks in advance.
By Customer Service on January 31, 2013

Hello Joe,
We're glad you like your Aquatop RD-Pre filters. The IPF-305 power filter will supply enough flow for the RD-Pre. The RD-30G, which is typically paired with the RD-Pre offers 135 GPH. The IPF-305 pumps out a whopping 317 GPH and could exceed the flow capacity of the RD-Pre. However if you were to run two RD-Pre filters inline with the IPF-305 you might be safe but it's "trial and error." If you take the 317 GPH of the IPF-305 (when it's brand new) and the 135 GPH capacity of the RD-Pre, then double that to 270 GPH, we don't foresee any problems. Regarding the fittings that you received, the IPF-305 comes with the same fittings as our NP-305 submersible pumps and then some. Any extra pieces can be put aside for a later time or used for other plumbing projects that you may undertake.

Thank you,
#728 BW/MA

Product Reviews:
IPF-305 Internal Power Filter
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
This is an absolutly silent filter!
July 1, 2012
I use this solo to filtrate my 90 gallon paludarium. I filled it to abut 45 gallons of water but this thing can handle 100. its quiet, effective and so far ive had no problems. I like that it came wiht so many attachments, especially one to adjust the speed of the current. all my fish prefer slow moving waters so it worked out nicely. it also seems to be handling crickets and other waste from my frogs just fine. amazing quality for 20 bucks
Quiet, Good Value, Adjustable flow, Effective, Many attachments, Durable, Safe, Easy to Use
Best Uses:

chicago IL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.