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Live Fish Guarantee

NOTE: truAqua does not offer live stock at this time. At truAqua .com, we are highly concerned about the health of all our livestock. Before your order of live aquatics is prepared to shipped, our staff of trained professionals ensures that we choose only the top specimens. We look for specimens that contain to signs of physical imperfections, no physical signs of disease, no stress, high activity and of course the brightest and most vibrant.

  • All our livestock that arrive to our holding and shipping facility never get sold and shipped out until a minimum of a14 day acclimation period. Fish that arrive may have much stress and lengthy ship time may have compromised the health of the livestock. Though many places choose to ship new stock immediately to save on cost, we always rest and nurture our stock so all aquatic life that arrives to your door is in optimal health.

  • Once live stock arrives to our facility, we take every specimen to our acclimation room. Here we carefully un-box the livestock without creating much stress and soak the bags in the acclimation tank for an hour so the temperature in the bag will acclimate with holding tank. Once the temperature has been acclimated, we slowly release each specimen into the holding tank inspecting each and every one. All specimens that do not pass our health inspection will be immediately isolated and quarantined. Here we will provide needed treatment to nurture the specimen back to optimal health.
    The water used in our tanks at our facility is mechanically filtered first to remove any solid waste and larger matter. The water is then biologically filtered and UV sterilized to eliminate any free-floating bacteria.

  • Once we receive your order for any of our livestock, we carefully select the most optimal specimen and get ready for shipping. The specimen is carefully placed in multiple high mil poly bags that are filled with freshwater of the proper pH for optimal living conditions. The bag is then filled with pure oxygen and sealed air and leak tight. The bags are then placed in an insulated cooler to maintain stable temperature during the transit. Warmers or coolers are placed accordingly to compensate different weather regions depending on season. The insulated cooler is then placed in a corrugated box for shipping and labeled with the proper identification (Live Fish, Handle with Care). Your package is then shipped overnight for quickest arriving to your door the next day. When you receive your order, you will also receive detailed instructions on how to properly acclimate your fish to ensure healthiest conditions.


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