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PH-8 Powerhead w/ UV3 Submersible UV Lamp Combo

PH-8 Powerhead w/ UV3 Submersible UV Lamp Combo
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Features and Specifications:
AQUATOP PH-8 Power Head w/ UV-3 Submersible UV Lamp Combo
Aquatop’s PH Series power heads runs efficiently and quietly while providing superior water movement in aquariums preventing stagnant water conditions. The optional venturi air intake feature with air regulator allows for increased water aeration. Great for use in both Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums!

AQUATOP UV-3 Submersible UV Lamp

AQUATOP's Series of submersible UV Lamps are the perfect way to control free-floating micro-organism as well as disease causing pathogens. As water is pumped through the UV-3 with the PH-8 power head, the UV lamp clarifies and sterilizes the water, providing you with clear healthy water.

Simply attach the PH-8 Power Head (Included) to the top of the Submersible UV Lamp. Submerge the compact assembly directly into you aquarium or sump and power on the units. The power head will draw water into the bottom, running it by the UV Lamp to sterilize the water before it exits the pump / power head.

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Questions and Answers:
By sal martino from suffield, ct. on September 15, 2012
have a 36 "....36 gal marine this PH-8 combo @ $34.99 sufficient for this tank ?

a revue"r mentioned it was noisy.....i dont want anything noisy OR vibrating ??.....are parts readily available in connecticut??

thank martino
By Customer Service on September 18, 2012

Greetings Sal,

We have received your recent product inquiry regarding the PH-8 and UV-3 combo. Assuming your aquarium has a low bio-load and happens to be freshwater, a 3W unit will help clarify your aquarium without a doubt.

As of right now we do not know much about your aquarium an will do our best to help you with the information you have provided

The 3W unit has no moving parts so it will not be noisy. The PH-8 is a powerhead and should not be noisy. It is entirely possible the reviewer you mentioned was using the Venturi Line. Venturi Lines draw in air and inject it into the water as it passes through the unit. Venturi Line make noise. It is safe to assume you will not hear the PH-8 if you do not use the Venturi Line.

If you would like to share additional information regarding your aquarium setup and current livestock we'll be better suited to assist you.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.

By Carter from US on December 14, 2011
I have a 28 gallon freshwater planted aquarium and I need a UV sterilizer to clear up the algae in the water. I wanted to know what wattage sterilizer would work, and which of your products would work the best in my case. I have a Marineland canister filter, but they do not recommend using an inline sterilizer (though I am sure most companies would say that for warranty reasons so I am not entirely persuaded against inline). I have also looked into both your complete in-tank unit, and the UV-3 or UV-5 lamp with the PH-8 power head. Any suggestions?
By Customer Service on December 14, 2011

Greetings Carter,

All of the UV Sterilizing units we offer utilize germicidal grade bulbs @ 30,000 µW/cm2 and last roughly 8,000 hours of use. Initially I recommend the UV-3 or UV-5 with a PH-8 Powerhead. The PH-8 does 158 GPH, any larger and your aquarium might get rocked by too much flow. A UV Sterilizer will definitely help you out with green water, no questions asked. Two great things about the suggested units, you can remove the whole unit if not needed anymore or if you want extra flow, keep the Powerhead in the aquarium without the sterilizer attached!

For your application I would first try to figure out why you have green water. In a planted aquarium green water usually stems from excess nutrients, either from too much K or N and if you are using tap water it may just be high Phos levels from the source (RO water will help with this). If your plants are doing well and are presently growing, I would dial back the nutrient additives and maybe do frequent water changes of <10% until you begin to notice some headway.

If there is anything further we may do for you please let us know.

By Gary from USA on May 7, 2012
I have a 37 gallon freshwater aquarium and am having a green water problem. I have tried water changes and it still continues to come back. The room that the aquarium is is is well lit but not direct sunlight to the aquarium. I was looking on the internet and it seems that UV sterilization is the way to go.

If I purchase the PH-8/UV-3 Power head w/ Submersible UV Lamp Combo is that the only item that I will need or do I need anything else to get me started with UV Sterilization?

By Customer Service on May 8, 2012

Hello Gary,

We have received your recent product inquiry regarding the use of a PH-8 & UV-3. The PH-8 & UV-3 combo is a great way to help assist with the eradication of green-water. You do not need anything further for this particular set-up.

Addressing green-water specifically, there are many factors which contribute to green-water; feeding habits, photo-periods, what is in the water you are adding to an aquarium, filtration capacities, maintenance routine ect. If you would like a little more information regarding green-water please feel free shoot us an email including a little more information about your aquarium set-up and specifics.

By John from Durand, michigan on December 26, 2012
I would like to purchase this combo unit but heres my question....How do you know if the uv light is working while its turned on? Does it have some kind of glow light which would tell you that the uv light is on and working? Just need to know so that we'd know if the uv bulb was burned out or not so how can we tell if the bulb is burned out or not while its on and running?
By Customer Service on December 27, 2012

Hello John,
The UV-3 does not include a UV indicator light. However, if you remove the bottom strainer you should be able to see a bluish glow inside of the UV tube that will indicate whether the bulb is working. The bulbs are rated at around 8000 hours so it will take about a year for a single bulb to burn out. Remember to never look directly at the UV bulb while it is operating as it could cause injury.

Thank you,

#651 BW/MA

By Ross from Utah on December 31, 2012
I was wondering how tall this whole thing is. I have a 20 gallon long set up and am wanting a UV sterilizer for the tank. I know the sterilizer part is 8.5 inches tall but how tall is the power head that comes with this. And if it doesn't quite fit could I turn it diagonally or sideways and still work?
By Customer Service on January 4, 2013

Hello Ross,
The PH-8 Powerhead measures approximately 4.75 inches tall. The UV-3 without the attachments measures at 6.75 inches tall, yielding a combined height of approximately 11.5 inches. The unit can be mounted sideways or parallel to the bottom of the tank with no problems at all.

By Rachel from Boston, MA on July 8, 2012
I have an EHEIM Aquascape 16 tank (4.4 gallons) which has been beset with algae problems ever since I introduced a clown plecostomus into the tank -- who, apparently, is not particularly interested in eating algae (the reason why I purchased it) and creates a lot of waste. I have had bad luck with algicides, so I would like to use a non-chemical approach to reduce algae growth. The Aquascape comes with its own filter and light -- what would you suggest as a complimentary UV product?
By Customer Service on July 16, 2012

Hello Rachel,

Right off the bat we'd recommend fixing the problem before adding another unit to your aquarium. Usually there are easy, un-invasive and natural methods for fixing algae problems. But for your aquarium the smallest unit we offer is the PH-8 with UV-3 combo. This will HELP but may not be the cure-all to your algae problem.

When algae is running rampant in an aquarium there is cause for it. Some reasons might be and are not limited to; excess nutrients caused by over-feeding or lack of water changes, bad water source (high in phosphates or ammonia), photo-periods exceeding 10 hrs, high temperatures which increase metabolic rates of algae assisting in their rapid growth. Wholeheartedly, out of control algae is usually a combination of problems.

If you would like to use a UV unit we recommended using it but understanding that UV units have MAX capacities which are often not recognized. The MAX capacities are for use under normal working conditions. Right now your aquarium does not seem to be under normal working conditions due to the algae problems you are suffering and therefor the unit may only put a dent in the algae population

We recommend checking you water chemistry and maintaining your aquarium according to the results of the water tests. Also, if you are not growing plants maybe dial back the photo-period.

If there is anything further we can do for you please let us know. We are here to help!

Product Reviews:
PH-8 Powerhead w/ UV3 Submersible UV Lamp Combo
5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Great product!
August 6, 2013
Great product works great. I put it in my 55g cichlid tank and with in a week my tank had cleared up and was looking nice! I recommend this product!
Does the job! The powerhead really moves some water!
The air line end controller doesn't really work I had to tie it a little to get the flow that I wanted but its good though. I wish they would have offered the powerhead with stronger UV lights.

New Orleans, LA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

UV powerhead
May 23, 2013
This is being used in my 150 gal watering trough heavy plastic outside Koi and Comet pond works great.

Patricia Handberg
Central Washington State United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

ph8 and uv3 combo a home run
January 18, 2013
I have several of these combo units and I find them to be superb. I would recomend this product to any and every aquariust.
Good Value, Effective, Easy to Use, Safe, Economical, Durable
Best Uses:
Large Aquariums, Freshwater Tanks

aqua king
Ocala florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I would buy this product again
September 8, 2012
Fast delivery, received product in 5 days
Effective, Easy to Use, Good Value
Best Uses:
Small Aquariums, Freshwater Tanks

Cooper City,Fl
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

this product did the job.
January 14, 2012
Delivery was on schedule, and the units worked very well with my 55gal. and 29gal. Movement of water was very good.
Good Value, Powerful, Durable, Easy to Use, Effective, Safe
Little noisey
Best Uses:
Large Aquariums, Freshwater Tanks

Mike N Fish
Chicago IL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.