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Pressurized Pond Filter w/ UV Clarification CPF-5000UV

Pressurized Pond Filter w/ UV Clarification CPF-5000UV
Product code: CPF5000-UV
Original Price: $263.99
Our Price: $219.95
You Save: $44.04 (17%)
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Features and Specifications:
AQUATOP’s PCF-UV Series of Pond Canister Filter w/ UV Clarification. These innovative and flexible pond filters provide superior mechanical and biological filtration with multiple layers of coarse and fine Bio Sponges as well as long lasting Ceramic Rings. The built-in UV Sterilizer adds extra clarifying power by killing unwanted pathogens, algae, and free-floating micro-organism so your water stays clear even during those hot summer months. Easy to install, the CPF Series cleans water gardens and ponds (with or without fish) up to 1500 gallons and includes a convenient backwash feature for no-hassle cleaning and maintenance.

Multi-Stage Filtration System
Mechanical and Biological Filtration are maximized with pre-filtration, 3 types of filter sponges of varying densities and long-lasting ceramic rings. Together with a built-in 9W UV Clarifier, the CPF-UV Filter offers superior pond and water garden filtration.

9 Watt UV Clarifier
The built-in 9 Watt UV Clarifier will eliminate unsightly free-floating algae and unwanted bacterial blooms. Lasting 8,000 hours, the germicidal grade UV Bulb will help maintain crystal clear water and aid in the health of pond fish and aquatic plants.

Backwash Function
Convenient and easy to use, the backwash feature provides a simple solution for water changes and performing quick filter maintenance by reversing the internal flow of the water and diverting the output of the filter to a separate waste line away from the pond.
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Pressurized Pond Filter w/ UV Clarification CPF-5000UV