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Silver Arowana 6-7 Inches

Silver Arowana  6-7 Inches
Product code: LF-L001-A
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Silver Arowana 6-7 Inches

The Silver Arowana or scientifically known as Osteoglossum bicirrhosum is a species of fish that originates from the waters of South America. Coming from the waters of the Amazon river, this species can grow in excess of 3 feet in the wild. Though captive species rarely grow to this size due to restrictions in tank size, they can still manage to grow fairly large. The Silver Arowana prefers a tanks with ample space to grow and swim around, preferably a tank around 150-250 gallons.

Baby Arowanas will feed off of water fleas, mosquito larvae, krill and pellet foods, as well as freeze dried plankton. As they begin to grow, they will feed off smaller fish so be aware of what other species you raise in the same tank. The Silver Arowana is a natural jumper. In the wild they will leap out of the water to catch their prey. A secure lid/hood is recommended to prevent your Arowana from leaping out.

For proper acclimation, use our our Acclimation Guide
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Silver Arowana 6-7 Inches