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Video Library

Video Library
How-to's, installations, quick tips, product information videos - TruAqua is committed to providing our customers with the knowledge, means and ease for your aquarium needs without breaking the bank.
TruAqua - World Largest Online Aquatic Supply Store
10,000 Live Fish Arriving
Aquatop at SuperZoo 2011
How to prime and setup canister filters - DIY
CF Series Aquarium Canister Filters
Canister Filters Product Info & Setup CF300, CF400, CF500
Premium Canister Filters DF200 / 300
AquaTop Aquariums Fish Tanks
Submersible Pond UV Sterilizer with Pump + Fountain Kit
Hang-On Filters with UV Built-In
Flexible Fish Net
21 LEDs  Aquarium Light  Blue-White LED Clip-On
36 LEDs Aquarium Light Red-Blue-White LED Clip-On
60 LEDs Aquarium Light Red-Blue-White LED Clip-On
SkyLED 24" 36" 48" Length Aquarium Lighting 452 LEDs
Super Quite Air Pumps
Aquarium Water Circulators
AquaTop GH Series 25W-500W Heaters
Digital Heaters Dual Display
Internal Filters w/ Bottom Jet Stream
In-Line UV Sterilizer
Pond UV Sterilizer w/ Pump + Hose
Power Heads
Internal UV Filters
Aquatop IPF Subermiserble Pumps
Aquatop PFE New Generation Hang-on Filters
Aquatop PSE1 200 Gallon Protein Skimmer
Helpful Hints & Product Information
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