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Aquarium Heaters

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Aquarium Heaters
Aquarium heaters maintain a constant temperature in freshwater or saltwater tanks and help promote an environment in which your livestock can thrive. Too much temperature fluctuation can be very harmful to any aquarium ecosystem, which is why aquarium heaters are so important in maintaining healthy water temperatures. truAQUA carries a complete line of affordable aquarium heaters, from basic analog heaters to advanced digital heaters with dual displays.

With all the different sizes and wattage ratings on aquarium heaters, it can be difficult to figure out which heater to choose. With some simple math, however, you can easily determine the correct heater size for your aquarium setup.

Determine the water temperature you wish to maintain.

Subtract from this number, the average temperature of the room where the aquarium is located.

Using our nifty Aquarium Heater Size Chart below, find the size of your aquarium in the far left hand column. Then, move across the row to the column that shows the number of degrees the aquarium needs to be heated. If the heating requirement is between levels, move up to the next larger size.

NOTE: In larger aquariums or where the room temperature is significantly below the desired water temperature, two heaters may be required. If two heaters are required AquaTop recommends installing them at opposite ends of the aquarium to heat the aquarium more evenly.

Example of Choosing Appropriate Heater Size

Desired Water Temp = 77 degrees F
Average Room Temp = 68 degrees F

Heating Required = 9 degrees F Aquarium Volume = 20 Gallons

Heater Size Required = 50 watts

Here is the aquarium heater size chart
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